Last week the Cargo Club President Steve Brogan & Secretary Darren Grech went out to the Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre to catch up with Paul to see how he’s been progressing. Now four months since suffering a stroke we are pleased to advise he is on the mend to recovery however there is still a long road ahead of him.

It was great to see him smiling and  he still possess his wicked humour that he is well known for. We interrupted him in the middle of one of his gym workouts dressed accordingly with a superman T-Shirt!  To have survived his close call he truly is a superman.

When we re-invigorated the club our mantra was to try and help firstly our own people within the club and our industry, where our donations could really make a big difference to people in need. Following through with this, the Cargo Club of Australia presented Paul and his wife Amanda with a cheque for $10,000! The money is to be used to cover the costs for their two sons schooling at Assumption College for 2017 and hopefully easing some of the financial burden that comes with a long rehabilitation.

We would like to thank all of our club sponsors, members, supporters & guests for getting behind the club and its events because it is you who makes these donations possible. Both Paul & Amanda were very humbled to receive our support and thank everyone for this kind gesture through this very tough time.