After over hearing an Auction on Neil Mitchell’s 3AW program recently where they auctioned off tickets to the footy & hotel room valued around $1000 to raise money for the family below one gentleman paid $3500 to assist the children.

This gesture resonated with me and got me thinking that the Cargo Club could also help this family in their time of need. So after confirming with the Committee overnight I spoke to Neil live on air about the Cargo Club Of Australia and what we are achieving with our industry Business Networking & Social functions and the money we raise we use to donate to worthy causes, people in need at a grass roots level.

Hence I am pleased to advise that the Cargo Club of Australia donated $4000 to the Glare Family for the four children left orphaned when their parents died in a car crash near Daylesford a week ago.

Michael and Jo Glare died when their car skidded on black ice and hit a tree, while their eldest daughter survived the crash.

The family lives in Swan Hill, but their extended family comes from Piangil near Tooleybuc.

I would like to thank all the members, guests and sponsors of the Cargo Club that made it possible to help this family in their time of need. Furthermore if anyone or any company is interested in donating further funds to the family please contact the Cargo Club directly and we will assist in getting you in contact with them.

Click Here for more details and 3AW interview.